what does that mean ?

I was at grade 5. Last night I flew from liverpool to Warsaw. I was at FL350 with M.080 (airbus a320) Everything went well and I’m a pilot who sticks to all the instructions. Now I just wanted to make a short flight again but then I realized that I am again grade 4. can someone explain why?


Everything looks fine there but for some reason the violation/landings is In yellow. Either there is an issue which means something is wrong or you need a few more lanings to bring that ratio down to the required. My bet is that a few more landings is needed. Hope this helps

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Yeah it will be the ratio, as for example the more violations you get the ratio goes up, the more landings you do it goes down. Should make sense

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Adding onto what @Jp_Productions said. The last 12 months is a rolling window of time. So every day whatever you did 366 days ago " falls off". So if you did a lot of landings that day now they don’t count towards your ratio. In other words do a few more landings to keep the numbers up for the ratio.


Any chance we can get the 12 months landings and violations added to the grade table? Sure would eliminate the questions and ambiguity around this ratio.


We will bring it up and see what opinions are. Thanks for the input!


all thanks so many thanks to all who helped me. I was a bit confused about the list (screenshot). I thought I was ghosted. because since update everything looks different and man has to get used to it. Thank you very much for your attention.

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If you keep an eye on your app, you will notice that your logbook now identifies the numbers used in the ratio. That should help out with the confusion for the ration some were having.




Wow, that was quick. Well done!

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