What does squawk or squawking mean?

I searched it on google but my English is bad.😞

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it is four numbers like your “ID”, so ATC can see who you are :)

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It’s a call

Squak 7500 is hijacking
7600 radio problems
7700 general emergency


4 numbers of an aircrafts ID, sent by ATC to identify Aircrafts on their frequency. You have the 3 main squawks that shows emergency

  • 7500 = Hijacking
  • 7600 = Radar Failure
  • 7700 = General Emergency (Sickness on board, issue with plane etc.)

This should explain the most: Transponder (aeronautics) - Wikipedia


That is only special squawks. Normal squawks are numbers between 0 and 7

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So each flight has is own identical squawk number?

My English is bad sorry.

Yes and no. One airplane, can change their squawk code multiple time by instruction from ATC.
I´m not a pro in this field, you might want to ask @Mats_Edvin_Aaro, he would know better than what I would do. :)


it’s ok
just sayin that one squawk is always different than other aircraft in the air.
unless you hav 2 emergencies at once. ;)

neither am I. ;)

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Your English is perfect by the way

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Thank you! But wikipedia? Nah mate…

Your English is still better than most.

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Haha thanks!

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Don’t trust Wiki? You can read through this one if you like.



I’m sure that’s radio failure…


Simplest terms. Most aircraft (some old GA aircraft may not have one) have what’s called a ‘transponder’ on board. It sends a signal that is received by air traffic control radar. The transponder allows you do input a 4 digit code, with any four numbers from 0-7.

In the USA, If you are flying VFR, without a flight following and you are staying out of controlled airfield airspace, you input 1200 into the transponder, then ATC can you on their radar as a VFR aircraft. ATC know that code as a GA VFR aircraft basically flying its own course.

Any aircraft wanting a flight following, flying IFR or flying as a commercial flight, contacts ‘clearance delivery’ or the relevant ‘approach / departure’ frequency either on the ground or after departing an airfield. The ATC controller will then allocate them a squawk code that is linked to their aircraft, their call sign, and their flight plan. They input that squawk code into the transponder, and the ATC radar can identify that aircraft and display all of the relevant details on the ATC controllers screen.

Also, as stated above, there are emergency squawk codes that are used.


Thank you very much!

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