What does ‘Squak’ mean?

I heard the ATC procedure but don’t understand. Please help.

If I understand correctly, a Squawk code is a set of digits which helps ATC easily identify the aircraft.

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The sqwawk number/code helps ATC controllers identify aircraft on their screens.

It is composed of 4 numbers like 4573 for example.


So it’s like ‘American 1165’ or ‘Cargo King 999’, correct?

Those examples you mentioned would be your callsign. Squawk codes like Mathurin mentioned are unique identifiers for controllers in the event that there are multiple aircraft of the same callsign typically. Its nothing that Infinite Flight currently supports and is only found IRL atm.


Thank you for explaining. I also have another question, how are callsign numbers initiated to aircraft?

Depends on the airline. Some airlines will typically reserve the 2 or 3 digit callsigns for the more premium or highly sought after routes whereas the 4 digit callsigns are for the ‘not-so-premium’ routes.

Corporate/business aviation callsigns are typically based on the 3 or 4 digits of their aircraft registration.


Thank you.

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