What does “say intentions” mean

When the atc sends me say intention. What does it mean?


When the ATC says this, they mean to tell them what you want to do or what you are doing. Example:
ATC: Delta 71, say intentions
Delta 71: Delta 71, request taxi to runway 27
Basically what you intend to do.


When it says this you need to send a message to IFATC and tell them what you want to do.


When you are connected to a frequency for a long time and remain silent, ATC can ask you with this phrase (mostly when in the sky).


If you are on a parking position, you dont ask for a specific runway and on top dont have a FPL filled (which could give a hint where you want to fly to) i would ask for intentions. (Only when airport direction are not dictated by ongoing traffic)

But pls notice that in case u want to fly east and all the runways are open for a take off to west, you still need to follow the ATC and ask for departure, runway xx, departing east.

There are dozens of planes Starting and landing from 27L and Still ppl keep spamming that they want to take off (departure) from 9R… thats annoying for ATCs…



Pilots do not need to request a specific runway. IFATC will assign them a runway as dictated by traffic, location on the airport and other things. It’s a request, which may or may not be granted.

Might just be translating it to English, but the appropriate thing to say in this situation when announcing ready for departure is, “Ready for departure (takeoff), Runway XX, departing East,” not remaining in the pattern.

Really the only times I’ve needed to use it of late are for arrivals that have been handed off from approach who fail to check in. They just tune in and don’t say anything for miles. You’re on short final buddy. You better say something quick or you’re going for another circuit.

And the usual disclaimer. If this is on training server, being requested to say intentions may or not be appropriate for the situation.


Another example: ppl in training server tune in to approach frequency and ask for decent. Without stating what they want to do, it could be you planing to land on one of 3 airports he is controlling, transition or flight following. That’s when controller ask you to “say intention” first.


Thank you @Aquila. I changed/edit a few things after your clarifications.


it pretty much is telling you “tell me what you want”

It means: “what’s the problem, what is wrong with you?!”.


It’s not just a random message. It’s a very specific plea to indicate what it is you’re after. Are you sitting at the hold short twiddling your thumbs? Do you want to takeoff and depart, or fly patterns?

Do you have a flight plan to another field but keep wanting to jump from departure to tower?

Do you keep checking in but indicate that you’re confused as to why you’re not receiving constant vectoring?

Also, I should note that the most common response to this from airborne pilots is not actually an answer: “Request frequency change” is not declaring your intentions. We want to know what you want to do. If your flight plan indicates you’re departing the airspace but you seem to be setting up for another turn down the glidescope, not having requested pattern work, requesting change to the tower is not saying intentions.


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