What does Remaining in the pattern and etc?

Hello! I wanted to understand what I am saying in ATC, I would like to know what does Remaining in the Pattern, No Pattern work , Cleared for the option , Straight Out , Right/Left Traffic , Right/Left Base and many more? Can someone explain?

Check out the ATC Manual:

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Watch the tutorials Which provide all information about IF in general. Go to the section airfield / terminal area and you find everything you want to know about patterns etc.


Just to answer the basic questions, remaining in the pattern means you’re going to do touch and goes without leaving the airspace.

No pattern work is the opposite of that. There are no touch and goes, and everyone just lands.

Straight out departures only really can’t be explained because it’s in the name. You can only make a straight out departure instead of turning right/left after you takeoff.

Right/left traffic is the way you turn after you takeoff when you’re remaining in the pattern. So if the controller tells you left traffic then you turn left on your patterns.

For anything else check the links that they sent above. :)

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Remaining in pattern mean fly in a pattern like this!
No pattern work is like you can’t fly pattern like on picture above!!

Cleared for option is like you can go around, You can Land, and you can land full stop!!

Straight out is like you have to depart can’t be in pattern

Right and left traffic is the traffic on right or left of the runway

Right and left base are these!!image


@Liam_Roldan. MaxSez: Just starting in IF or stumped by some aviation tech trivia, download this free PDF from faa.gov ;
“The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronutical Knowdledge” FAA-H-8083-25".
Cheers, Max


For someone with IFATC in his callsign you’re asking some pretty remarkable questions



Means making a pattern… :)

You really shouldn’t have IFATC in your name if you aren’t one. I saw you at EIDW yesterday while I was controlling, and you had IFATC in your display name. I don’t think you can get in trouble because of it but you really shouldn’t have it.

Especially when you put it in your profile and then have to ask the community what “remaining in the pattern” means :)

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I think that he thinks IFATC means ATC on the training server as well. @Liam_Roldan IFATC are only controllers on the expert server.

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