What does red lettering mean on airport

Hey, that means that there aren’t the best weather conditions at that airport at the moment. Most likely very low visibility and high winds. KASE often has these conditions.

I still get them even if I don’t have pro?

I seen other airports with them

It’s because your aircraft is too large.

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Actually no. The weather at Aspen is gorgeous right now! In the 20.1 update, airports where size restrictions are in place for your aircraft obtain a red tag.

This means that your aircraft is not suitable for that airport. I do agree that it shouldn’t be shown on solo or casual server though. It’ll be addressed with the Staff and Development Team.

Enjoy the update! :)


I saw smaller class echo airports and they are not red

Most likely because these airports are not yet edited by The Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team and therefore have no size restrictions. Feel free to join the team and help out with the effort of editing Infinite Flights airports!

What happens if you fly into airport too small

These restrictions currently aren’t enforced. They are merely advisories at this time to notify a pilot that the airport might not be able to accommodate their aircraft (short runway, tiny taxiway width, apron not large enough, etc).

If/when you purchase a Pro Subscription and make it onto the Expert Server (Grade 3+); please be advised that Aspen is strongly enforced with a TFR. The TFR states that nothing larger than a CRJ-900 is authorized and that all larger aircraft must divert or be issued a violation if caught breaking the Flight Restriction.

Don’t worry about it on solo! Enjoy your flight! :)

The color of the dot representing the airport represents its current weather conditions in terms of flight rules, VFR, low IFR, marginal IFR, and IFR conditions.

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