What does poor rating and confusion meaning?

Can anyone tell me what does that mean?

It basically means that the frequency is already open. So don’t open it.

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Why you can’t open it?

Because another user is already occupying that frequency.

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What this is saying is because you opened another frequency similar in nature to what’s already open, the likelihood of pilots becoming confused is possible. It appears that you tried opening a departure frequency. But someone else has that frequency open.

As for the poor ratings, this would come in the form of people coming onto the forum to state how poor their service was.


It say Kaseng Cheng Rangel. I think that’s me

It say that in the picture

Sometimes there is a time limit until the app refreshes. For example, if you ended your session and then quickly started a new one again, you will receive this message. If you refresh, you won’t receive any messages at all :)


This happens to me sometimes.

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