What does people look for in VA’s?

As I’m currently creating a VA (all will be revealed soon) once it’s been passed with IFVARB. What do people look for before joining VA’s?

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Here are some helpful tips for you and this what people look for in a VA/VO!

People always look for VA/VO’s that are Organised/Prepared, Commitment, Friendly Community, Realistic and photos which show off their beautiful planes as well. It takes plenty of time and years to become the top VA like QVG and BAVA.

(Helpful Tips)

Look for people who are responsible within the IFC.

Don’t make a post for hiring staff until allowed by IFVARB to do so, you can PM them instead.

Find someone who’s very good at technology so they can help out with coding and making a crew centre, etc

Maybe get some friends to join your VA/VO

Check the User watchlist and Blacklist and make sure you never hire people in those lists

Check what VA/VO is available, taken or banned on ifvarb.com that way you can choose or make a VA/VO of your choice without copying someone else.

Also have a website with attractive photos of your fleet, etc.

Have a ranking system

(Optional) You can have a Frequent Flyer Program

Make awards to make pilots more commited.

Don’t rush anything, first look at the requirements for a VA/VO. Visit ifvarb.com to find tips.

(Optional) Social Media can promote your VA/VO within IF

Always follow the guidelines

Have rules for your pilots to follow

Always have a HR Manager to make sure there is no Bullying or Inappropiate behaviour within the VA/VO chats to make it a safe environment.

Choose active pilots!


Everyone is different, you cant build a VA targeting one group, say PIREPS, some people like having those to fill out after a flight, and others don’t. And list goes on for a few things. You should include many things. And it’s how you word everything in your pilot application thread which you post once approved. It’s not something thats an easy task. To build something and have it become a massive thing. DLVA/BAVA/AFKLM all were founded years ago, they all didn’t blow up right away. Remember that.


At my Va we look for pilots that are active within slack. One flight logged at least every 30 days (so they don’t flag up on the system) & of course to have a good time and meet new pilots. Realistic is always a good measure to take as it keeps people interested. Of course have fun & engage with your pilots often :)

Try to introduce something not seen before…

  • A new region for Virtual Airline/Organisation travel

  • New way to fly

  • A very unused and underated aircraft

  • Lesser used airports

  • Common events. It advertises your VA, showing you are active and eager to fly publicly.

  • A good Crew Center is key. The same with a website.

Having an IFATC and/or IFAET member is very helpful within your VA. It attracts pilots and the general community towards your VA. You can also edit airports that you believe you will use in the future, and create great events from locations never explored before.


I am a staffer over at UVAL and one is that proffesinalism is big

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So I sign on the dotted line, right? Lol kidding aside, I’m not new to IF, but new to this forum/community. If possible, how might one like myself become part of your VA?


You can find many Virtual groups in #live:va, and the groups will all have their speerate threads you can apply on.


Okay, cool thanks for letting me know 👍🏻

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