What does "No intersection departures," mean?

I requested to depart a airport straght out. Keep in mind there was no one there, and he told me “No intercepting departures,” “contact ground,” command today and I had no clue what it means. If someone could tell me what this means that would be great.

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Probably no Intersection Departures. Meaning, no departures from where the taxiway and the runway meet.


Taxi to the farthest end of the runway. Intersection departures are departures that occur before the threshold of the runway.


I hate that command 😔


Ok this will be helpful. But why did he want me to go to the end of the runway?

It makes it more organized, thus easier to control, for the tower controller if everyone is going to the same takeoff point on the runway.

Oh that makes sense thanks

What airport were you at?

KWHP only one other person there

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This means that you need to taxi to the very end of the runway, rather than going to a turning point on the runway say 2/3 down. This is done to avoid people from blocking taxiways and to make things more organized. Although I personally like intersection departures because you can have two LUAW.


Oh OK. Just wondering because there was a wack ATC at EBBR (not gonna say his/her name).

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What is a LUAW?
I’ve never heard of that.

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LUAW=Line Up And Wait.

Greetings, I was the one controlling KWHP for the most part of the day. Given the size of your aircraft, you would appreciate a longer takeoff roll.


It means Line Up And Wait :)

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Was I the one flying the spirit to you flying in a a320?

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Yes, I believe so. After issuing “no intersection departures allowed”, I then told you to contact the ground frequency. Once on the ground frequency, you were then given “continue taxi”.

You then taxied back to parking, as requested by you.

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If there is no traffic then ATC should be allowing intersection deps. Maybe the ATC thought you didn’t have enough runway to take off

Say you are requesting to take off at the middle of the runway for example, that is an intersection departure, a departure that is not at the end of the runway, when ATC says " no intersection departure allowed " that means you have to take off at the very end of the runway, I really don’t get why ATC don’t allow intersection departures, there’s nothing wrong with it!

As told earlier, the controller thought that his plane couldn’t make the take-off and said it wasn’t allowed.

If you think you might not have enough runway for the take-off, calculate 70% of your T/O speed and check if you’re at 70% of your T/O speed at 50% of the runway. If not, abort the T/O. I’ve learned this trick (50-70 rule) from the youtube channel boldmethod.

We love our acronyms ;-)