What does LOC mean?

Hi IFC, what did LOC mean in navigational terms? How do I approach and make use of a runway equipped with LOC?


Hey Josh, LOC stands for Localizer, it is the lateral guidance portion of ILS, or it is sometimes a stand alone in the real world. Not sure if IF splits them, but it may just be a technicality of how we name it at airport editing,


Got it, can I use an LOC in the same way as an ILS, or do have have to hand fly as a GPS approach?

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This shows the runway only has a localiser and not a glide slope so it’ll keep you aligned with the runway but you’ve to do the descending by yourself


Ah ok, thanks for your help


FYI don’t try flying a straight in approach for 26L at HNL, there are mountains in the way.
IRL the localizer course is offset by 40 or so degrees like this flightaware.com/resources/airport/HNL/IAP/LDA+RWY+26L/pdf
So the localizer would be followed at a course of 304° before turning final.
IF however doesn’t feature offset approaches as of yet.


After testing it seems that infinite flight will give you a standard localizer paired with a glide slope. In real life the 26L approach is a LDA (Localizer Type Directional Aid). Which is a non precision approach so you should shoot it like a non precision approach to your MDA.

Here’s the chart
LDA Rwy 26L

Notice your final approach course is 304 degrees and your MAP is 2.2 DME from Rwy 8L Localizer

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