What does Lifeguard stand for?

I was just browsing through the call sign list and I found lifeguard as a callsign and I was wondering anyone knew how I could fly with this callsign?

Maybe coastguard, not sure

When I was coastguard I used the life guard callsign

Well I found the USCG USCG callsign in the list and that was coastguard callsign too maybe it could be for another country

This is what I found on Wikipedia:

For air ambulance services or other flights involving the safety of life (such as aircraft carrying a person who has suffered a heart attack), “lifeguard” is added to the call sign. For flights in which life is not in direct danger (such as transporting organs for transplant), the call sign prefix “Pan-Pan-Medical” is used before the normal call sign, e.g. Pan-Pan-Medical Three-Three-Alpha , Pan-Pan-Medical Northwest Four-Five-Eight , or Pan-Pan-Medical Singapore Niner-Two-Three . Pan Pan (pronounced “pahn-pahn”) is the voice radio signal for “urgent”, while Mayday is the voice radio signal for “distress”. The word may be omitted for air ambulance services with assigned call signs, especially when they have notified air traffic control operators that they are on an air ambulance mission at the beginning of their flight and do not change from one controller to another. The Life Flight air ambulance service, for example, might simply identify as Life-Flight Three . An aircraft that has declared an in-flight emergency will sometimes prefix the word Mayday to its call sign.




Lifeguard is the call sign used for a critically ill or sick passenger, these are usually not commercial and work as a mobile hospital and have an ambulance waiting at the arrival airport to take the ill person to a hospital.

I guess like the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) in Australia

Neat I might try that in IF it sounds fun to use

Lifeguard is not a protected callsign in IF. You can change your callsign to whatever you want, as long as it’s not inappropriate. So…if you want to scan the coast and fly coast guard routes in your C130, and use Lifeguard as your callsign, go for it 🙂


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