What does left and right traffic mean

I know, I am stupid, but I only understand what straight in means, could some of you better players to me what landing left/right traffic means?

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It means the direction of the pattern work

Left traffic you will always have the airport at your left, right traffic will have the airport at your right



Left/Right traffic means what direction you are arriving into the airport. For example if you are descending into EGLL and you are going to make left downwind for 09L, then you would say ‘XYZ inbound for landing, will make left traffic for runway 09L’.

Also take a look at what @BinaryChess as that should help you out as well.


You have to start somewhere. You can’t know everything straight away :) so, no, I wouldn’t say your stupid at all! In fact, your the opposite because you realised it would be a good idea to ask and find out what it means. Having that is better than knowing it in many respects, in my opinion.


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