What does KLM fly to Seattle

Yeah, I’m trying to find the plane KLM flies to Seattle-Tacoma. From my reference I found the 777, 747, 787, and A330 options, so can you guys help? Thanks

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KLM changes the plane every-day.

I’d recommend the 787 though. It’s a beaut to fly


It seems like the route is only flown by delta, and since delta is part of SkyTeam, they do not operate that route

I wanted to fly the 747 @IFliPlanes. So if it’s cycled, I might use it.

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It’s up to you :)
787 was just my recommendation.

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Ok, mod can close this now

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Just want to point out that, KLM doesn’t fly to Seattle-Tacoma in Real Life. They have two code-share flights with Delta that fly from AMS to SEA (and wise-versa) with one of which flights operated by Airbus A330-300 and the other with Boeing 767-300, both flights are flown on a daily basis.

But if you want to fly using KLM livery then go for whichever one you want. The 787 is modern and all, but the 747 has its own charm, while the 777 isn’t a bad choice either. I’d personally pick the 747 if you really want to fly KLM but in the end, it’s your decision to make :)


KLM and Delta are both in Skyteam and Delta already operates that route so Delta does it instead of KLM. They use an A330. At least according to google flights…

KLM flies to Vancouver but not Seattle