What does it take to get the 'member' badge

Can someone please answer my question (example: how many hours do I need to have been in the community for or how many likes do I need). Thanks


I a man pretty sure reply to to topics it should come someday

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Well im not too sure about this communitys requirements but here is the discourse default requirements to gain the Member badge.



@British-Airways Your in my shoes. Still a basic since July 22.


I´ve been asking that myself. I have all the requirements, but I´m still a Basic User for some reason.

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The requirements are slightly different on this forum, if you want to find out your exact stats and how far you are off the next trust level I’ve heard you can PM a mod to ask them.


Time will tell, keep posting, liking, and replying.

Simply you just have to gain the peoples trust 😂


Blood, sweat, and tears. Actually you just have to be on the forums for awhile, tbh idk how I got it…

I think that you have to read the forums for 30 days, or something like that.

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