What does it mean when this happens

when both runways on both ends are green? how do i find out which one to use

asking so i dont mess up infront of @tyler_shelton, sorry for tag


I usually just check FR24 for what runway is in use. Which airport are you referring to at the moment?

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SBGR/Sao Paulo

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If that’s the case your best bet is to check the METAR at the airport in app to favor the best runway with the conditions. If there isn’t a METAR, follow the traffic flow in the airport area to the best of your ability to safely land. If the runways are green it means both ends are technically suitable to be landed on with the current METAR but it is important to have airspace awareness to see what other people are landing on.

Ok, right now the 27s are in use. These are also usually in use when there are minimal winds at SBGR.

Assuming you are departing, use 27R or @AvioesEJogos will get mad.

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how do you figure out what runways are in use

thank you 😃

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Just a quick look on Flightradar24 is what I use. I see a LATAM jet on final for 27L and an AA plane taxiing to 27R, showing that the 27s are in use.

WRONG!!! You use the 09s when the wind is minimal

However right now the 27s are in use

(and yes 09L/27R is used for departures most of times)

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