What does it mean when ATC "I'll call your base"?

Just wanted to know as i know it means turn onto runway heading but not much else.


It means you should keep flying downwind, parallel to the runway until you are instructed to turn base. Then you can turn onto the base and then final to your runway.


When the ATC say’s “I’ll call your base,” you’re probably doing pattern work or they are trying to get you to enter the pattern. Turning base means your turning to a heading 90 degrees off the localizer. When the ATC says they will call your base they probably don’t want you cutting of traffic and so they will tell you when to turn facing 90 degrees of the ILS or GPS approach


When you fly in a Classic pattern it should look like this:

So “I’ll call your Base” means that you continue your downwind until ATC give you the “Turn Base” command.


When an Air Traffic Controller tells you that they will call your base, your job will be to continue flying your current downwind heading and do not turn left or right onto your base leg until the Air Traffic Controller says “Turn Base.” At which point, you will turn onto the base leg and proceed to final.


The “I’ll call your base” command is most often used when the controller sees a future problem with spacing between you and another aircraft and wants to get more separation between you and the other aircraft, and feels the “Extend Downwind” command is not fit for the situation.

Keep in mind that an Air Traffic Controller may say “Turn Base” without saying that he’ll call your base, usually to get you in front of an aircraft that is on a long final and you are on downwind.


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