What does IFATC Look Like?

(I’m new here so I am asking questions)

So since some of the community members are IFATC members, I was wondering if you could tell me what IFATC looks like when you are actually operating there on the ES.


The screen layout still looks the same as if you were controlling on TS except we are able to report people and set up ATIS

Do you have a screenshot of what the ATIS looks like? (I’m curious)

There are videos on YouTube where I know some IFATC controllers post timelapse videos of controlling busy airports.

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Really? Cool! Looking forward to seeing those videos.


I just finished the whole video. Thanks.

Feel free to check out this video of “Local” controlling here. This video depicts what us IFATC controllers view when controlling the skies.

These videos are created by the Network for your learning.


I have a couple examples of ATC radar in the form of timelapses if you are interested 🤷‍♀️