What does "Hold Short" Mean?

should i just wait to enter the runway or should i just consider going on another runway ?
can i have a clear explanation of Hold short please :) Thank’s

Hold short means exactly what is says. Hold short of the runway and do not enter it. Only enter the runway if you are cleared by ATC Tower.


Hold Short means to hold at/near a runway. there is a hold short line which you must stop at before entering/crossing the runway.

This was in my own words btw.


So i should wait to enter the runway ? It is like line up and wait ?

no. before you enter, you should hold short at the hold short line until you get tower approval to enter the runway.

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No you should not enter the runway unless cleared by ATC. Very similar to line up and wait as you need ATC clearance to enter runway.


Alright ! Thank’s guys !

Thank’s you too !

No Problem, tried to make this in my own words as possible (using my own knowledge of Aviation)



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Suggest that you start off by having a look at the tutorials section of the forum for hints and tips, you may find this link helpful!

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Hold short means to stay off the runway if aircraft are inbound and about to land or lined up for takeoff / taking off.

You hold short behind the so called hold-short-line. Every part of the plane (including the nose) must be behind the line, otherwise your aircraft is not entirely off the runway, take one or two meters distance, brake earlier, it’s not hard.

Only enter / cross the runway when you’re instructed to do so (Cross runway / line up and wait / cleared for (immediate) takeoff).

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At least you know what Line Up And Wait means as pilots who don’t know that bug me so much when controlling on the training server, it’s good to ask so you know but some members don’t ask as they think its a bit silly

That’s why I have posted the link to the tutorials! I think there should be a link on the app which takes you to the tutorials so when ATC uses the " check help pages" they know where to go!

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I have a feeling theres tutorials all over this forum for flyinf…