What Does "(filler)" Mean?

I see people put (filler) in their comments and don’t know what it means. Can someone explain?


When the answer doesn’t reach the 10 minimum words, people write “filler”.

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The forums allow to put at least 10 characters in a post. (Filler) is just used to ‘fill’ the rest of the 10 characters

There is a 10 character limit on posts. Some people use filler when their post isn’t 10 characters long

They don’t remember that this forum is not an Instant Messaging Service.

Sorry, didn’t see that when I searched for it

There is a 10 character limit for a reason. Any user, especially a regular, should have better planned responses that meet and exceed the limit, and therefore shouldn’t be using filler.


Am I the only one that looks a this picture in the list and thinks it’s @Henrik_B



Anyways let’s not get too off-topic ;)

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Every. Single. Time.

No haha, not about a duplicate one. Just a topic which showed why they should not be used

I’ve seen this increase a lot recently. Is this still a flagable offense?

Yes it is, and we’re enforcing it more now.



Question answered, high potential to go off-topic. For all questions about why not to use “Filler” check my post linked above.