What does Extend Downwind mean?

Oh yeah, this is probably why

Am I doing everything right @HairlineAirlines

Sorry for my language but this is bs, perfect f’ing flight urghghg I can’t wait to get on advanced

You’re doing well, i just landed, and hee was like "turn base when I was 210 feet above the ground lol. the he said, “please follow instructions” he has no idea…

I crashed when he made me turn base at like 200ft, kept telling me to follow instructions even though I requested to change frequencies to land at another airport…

Well, 98% so I’ll be messing up on advanced in no time :)

Alright this can be deleted now :)

N54EH, say intentions
*calls inbound
N54EH turn base
N54EH no intersection departures allowed… im on my downwind…
N54EH extend downwind
N54EH ill call your base
*youll call my base, N54EH
N54EH, no.2 cleared to land rwy 25 left
cleard to land rwy 25l, n54eh
N54EH turn base
turns base
Is on short final rwy 25left
N54EH turnbase… wtf?
N54EH please follow instructions.
N54EH exit runway when able, contact ground.
Is on ground

N54EH please conact socal approach.

I thought I explained this to you yesterday!


Extend downwind is used when you need to extend downwind in case there is traffic, terrain etc.

I’ll call your base is used when the controller will tell you “turn base”.

So… You should’ve turned by yourself.

He didn’t say turn base you see, Just kept telling me to extend downwind

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 I did everything you told me, don’t worry, I think the controller was at fault :P

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Maybe it was. But extend downwind means to stay in a downwind so you can make a long final

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You have a pm

Yeah, I’ll upload a video tomorrow, I was making one anyways, trust me. It was long enough

His downwind was at least 30 miles away from the airport.

Just a question, i can say that the normal use of extend downwind and i’ ll call your base are best used to sequence aircraft? 😀 Thank’s for time and help

check this out. This should better answer your question! :)


I am bit confused, what do you mean?

I find the answer for the question Thank’s for your help 😀