What does Extend Downwind mean?

Hi, I’m flying PG right now and the controller keeps telling em to extend downwind, I already have done this, and now I’m about to go of the map (throttle cut)

I’m presuming extend downwind means just to keep going parallel but I don’t know about it really

This is urgent aha

Thank you in advance

Go further downwind. Keep going parallel.

If he told you to extend downwind, and you’re going off the map, he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Yeah i figured, but I will crash eventually,

You are doing the right thing, but it’s playground so maybe ATC doesn’t really know what he is doing.


He’s telling me to follow instructions, What should I say to him,

There isn’t a button for I’m about to smash into the water…

Keep extending until you possibly can’t go anymore.

Are there a lot of other aircraft around?

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Is there a specific reason why, like traffic, if there isn’t i would turn base.


Also, where is this happening?

Well, I’ve lost contact with him now, I’m too far away, there is a lot of players at KLAX right now though

What does turn base mean by the way :)

This is happening at PG server at KLAX

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You can say ``unable´´if he keeps saying extend downwind and then turn base

Turn base means to turn into your base/final from downwind, so like just turn, thats not the exact definition but thats the general idea.

Arghh screw it, I’m going back towards the airport

Im watching you, he sent you sooo far out lmao!

I know xD

Welcome to PG

Are you at Socal Approach?

Or are you in game

f22 in game

I see you, come meet me lol, I’ve been alone for a long time

Can you grab the name of the controller, just so incase I am like reported for landing at a red runway, I’m not going back round