What Does Everyone do When they are Flying?

What does everyone do on long haul flights when the AP is engaged. For me, when I’m flying from JFK to LHR it can get quite boring. Any suggestions?


Sleeping helps


I do long-hauls overnight so…I guess…sleep?


Just get on with your normal life. Takeoff, live your life how it would be then land in the evening. For overnights just sleep and land in the morning.
Just trust your autopilot, it’s not going to disengage for no reason or nosedive you into the ground.


Yep, normal life is next, so homework, check out the IFC, play other games etc. However I recommend you check your flight ever few minutes (unless your sleeping) to make sure everything is in order, or to make some minor adjustments


Apart from sleeping or leaving my phone at home while I go to school, I might watch some videos, do some homework, do airport editing, draw a plane or too, lots of things.

JFK-LHR can be kinda tricky because the jet stream can make that trip in 5 hours on a great day, so you really got to set an alarm. Usually on those shorter long hauls I’ll try and plan it to land before I go to sleep. So I can usually go out and do things I need to do and not worry too much.

Shorter routes I’ll hang around not too far away and be on my phone or just study. It’s nice to watch the scenery and other players fly by! But really the longer flights 10+ are the all nighters I can trustfully sleep through.


Last time we went flying on a bank holiday weekend we got engaged 👍


That’s awesome! Congratulations!


Depends on what i need to do if i have an upcoming exam i will study if i dont have anything planned i will just watch netflix or youtube and chill.

I just listen to music, watch movies and sleep when I’m in business and first

I don’t ever fly long hauls because I don’t have that much time to waste. When I’m in cruise on shorter flights I try to stay ahead and plan arrivals or approaches if needed. Maybe just watch YouTube videos or something…just do what you’d normally do with you life.

YouTube definitely helps 😂

Do you mean like check the IFC on a laptop or whatever because if you exit IF on your phone doesn’t it pause the flight…?


If it’s a long haul then sleep or go out with my family
If it’s a short haul then i’ll do my homework near my ipad

I either, sleep, watch TV, play drums, play VR, or just sit and do nothing which is the most popular.


Well ideally yes, or any other device other than the device that is running IF

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When Im doing long haul, I obviously just sit there like the rest of us and stare into the screen for 12+ hours and watch my flight go.

Just kidding, most of the time for long haul, I sleep, but when im doing short flights, I will do other things, like go outside, do homework, study, etc.

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I stare at my screen with tunnel vision for 1-15 hours until it’s complete. Yes, even when my mother is yelling at me to come downstairs and eat

IF - Watch YouTube and game. Eat. Sleep. Have a life.

On a flight - Use the In-flight entertainment and watch the world from 30,000ft+, as well as play mobile games.

Actually flying myself - Look ahead, at my instruments, and the beautiful world below. The world is a beautiful place, and scary to think there is almost no where in your country, that is truly untouched. Fields? Farms? Forests?..