What does "entering a post" mean?

Hey! I’ve been interested in creating a VA, and applying for IFVARB. I am TL1 and I have a question. (I know all the requirements) How do I “enter” in a post?

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Maybe this can help :)

I’m not sure that’s what the OP is referring to.

Hey, @AviatorDimitrisYT, I think you may be able to find information at IFVARB.com. I assume you are referring to reserving and/or applying for a VA?

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Hello! While I am still at Basic (and getting to member soon) there are some basic requirements to post in a specific place

Discorce rankings

He said he knows all the requirements…

What do you mean by enter, @AviatorDimitrisYT?

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If I’m not mistaken, “a post” is just another term for a topic. Meaning you just click on a topic and read through it.

It is worth mentioning though that the IFC’s requirements to gain a new trust level is much different to that of Discourse’s.


I think it’s the same as it’s based/is run on discorce

No, site owners have the ability to alter the TL requirements.

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I just don’t know how much IF changed the requirements than a basic discorce talkspace

I’ve read many topics about that, and I meet all the requirements except the “posts entered”. How can I “enter” a post? I know how to ready topics.

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I think that just means clicking on the topic, not completely sure though

@AviatorDimitrisYT - What Azure mentioned means “entering a post”. You just have to understand that these requirements are not the same here. That means that you might meet the discourse requirements, not the ones on the Infinite Flight Community.

“Entering topics” (in my opinion) would be to click on an existing topic, or comment on an existing topic, or create a new topic. To “enter” into a discussion.
As for requirements - I think someone has already posted the topic link, but I’ll do it again…

Do give it a careful read! You’ll see a section where it mentions that IFC’s trust level requirements are different from the default Discourse requirements. It’s not as simple as “reading 100 posts, entering 20 topics” etc. The staff at IF choose to keep the actual requirements a secret/hidden to prevent farming (mass-posting/liking etc for the sake of increasing your trust level).
Keep being active with a viewpoint of contributing/being helpful and creative on the forum, and you’ll reach TL2 in no time!


When you create your IFC account discobot sends a message which includes the requirement to post in a sub/category and in the case of VA’s you need to be at grade 2 (member)

Seems like we have yet to give a firm, correct answer to the OP. So let me clear some things up and hopefully answer the question you asked.

To those who may be confused about Discourse and IFC requirements

As @Thomas_G and I have repeatedly said, what Discourse has posted online for reaching TL1, TL2 and TL3 are so completely different from that of the IFC’s. The staff here have changed the requirements simply due to the activity of the forum.

So, what Discourse has posted will not get you promoted here. If you are still confused, feel free to message me or Thomas.

To “enter a post” (again, as I mentioned above I believe it to just be another term for entering a topic) you simply click on a topic here on the IFC. I don’t know how long you have to be on the topic for it to count as entered, could be instant or just a few minutes after.

You can read more about TL’s (Trust levels) above and why you haven’t reached a certain one yet.

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