What does Code 8 mean / can’t connect to the server

What does Code 8 mean when Infinite Flight servers have an error?

I recently wasn’t able to load Infinite Flight for 20 minutes and a message popped up saying “There’s an error in the Infinite Flight Servers (code 8). I just want to know what code 8 means.

Device: iPad Air 5
Operating system: 16.5.1

Have you tried to restart your device?

For the sake of not getting banned (again), I pledge not to advertise for Apple.

Now sometimes your iPad version gets outdated with the new version. And thus, it doesn’t work properly. If you want to stay up to date with IF without any problems, I recommend getting iPad 8th gen.

His iPad is incredibly capable, sir. Way more powerful than the iPad 8th Gen for sure. Also, a server error has nothing to do with device performance as long as there aren’t any massive issues.

Going back to the issue, Rick’s advise is what I would say too.

Yes it still is having the same issues

Does it work when you switch networks? Cellular/WiFi?

It finally works w/ a VPN :)

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