What does “closed during the FNF” mean on a NOTAM?

What does this mean exactly. How long is it in effect? What are the actual restrictions? What exactly can and can not do during a NOTAM like that?

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Where is the NOTAM by the way?

Around KJFK and KEWR

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If you press to spawn in an airport that has a TFR/NOTAM (the red circles on the map) it will give you a warning message before you spawn in, there you will find how long the TFR/NOTAM is going to be active for, the restrictions and if it’s active or not, if it is red, the TFR/NOTAM is active, if it’s orange it is not active, these details depend on the occasion.

I was wondering the same thing if someone can clarify. LGA will be busy so it has something to do with that

@Nelson_Pereira1 it means you can’t fly between the three airports. For example if you spawn at EWR you can’t fly to LGA or JFK. You might be ghosted without warning if you don’t follow the NOTAM.

Reading the NOTAM/TFR will explain why it is in place and when it expires.


These are done because there are people who will take off at an airport 10 miles away and expect immediate service to the FNF airport. This causes a headache for ATC and is not fair to the other pilots who have been waiting in an approach queue.


Can I spawn at KEWR and fly to KBWI (has a TFR of its own at this moment as well) and not be ghosted?

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So we can fly to JFK and EWR from airports outside the TFR, or no?

Yes. You can fly to BWI from EWR.

Yes, you can. As long as you don’t interfere with traffic at LGA.

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And what do the letters “FNF” actually stand for?

Friday Night Flight

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Isn’t KEWR closed? Or by closed does it mean there’s no ATC?

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I believe it means no ATC. IFATC were told not to open them to discourage traffic between the New York airports, but I didn’t see anything about not allowing any traffic whatsoever. Just make sure, if you do decide to fly out of one, to stay as clear of conflicting airspace and traffic as possible. Or better yet, utilize the ATC you do have, and have a nice flight between controlled airports ;)

Thanks that clears it up!

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