What does Ballooning mean?

I just learned about something that happens to Aircraft, ballooning, what does it mean? Is there a video or example on what causes it? Thanks.


Balloning, when referring to fixed wing aircraft, is when you flare at too high an airspeed, and the airplane ballons up instead of sinking onto the runway, which usually causes a stall and results in the plane slamming into the ground


not really. the first part corrects. but usually the plane doesnt slam into the ground… the best way to settle out a balloon is to add a touch of power and hold it in ground effect to slow down and slowly pull it into the flare.


Ground effect causes ballooning, which makes planes generate more lift near the ground. This is why pilots have to pull back on the throttles when they’re close to the ground to decrease airspeed to keep the plane descending.

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Just to add on to that statement, Ground effect/Ballooning can happen to any aircraft not just GA A/C. But you tend to have really experienced pilots at the hands of jets :)

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