What does “avoid sending duplicate message” means?

Can anyone tell me that means?


It means that you have already sent that message to the ATC.

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Yeah. I send that message to them if they keep spamming that standby

Also, this should be on the #atc category.

Sending the same message to ATC. It normally happen when the frequency is busy with impatient pilots. Are you taking Expert or Training Server?

It’s on atc category

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Oh, I just saw another post with the General category, and the colours are similar

Then, close it and open it again

I’m taking training server

Ok well anything can be expected from Training server including being spammed by ATC unnecessarily. I’ve had this happen to me many many times before


Often times a pilot will ask for takeoff, be told to hold short, and then 30 seconds later ask for takeoff again. They will usually receive the duplicate message warning. Just understand that the ATC is busy, they will see your command.

Excessive spamming of commands can result in ghosting on the expert server. This includes reporting your position for no reason. You call in for landing, you are given a pattern, sequence, and clearance to land.
You then report that you are on base. You are already cleared to land, there is no reason to state your position over and over.


As mentioned, it is sent to indicate to the pilot that his is sending the same message twice.

But it’s also sometimes used in situations where the ATC wants to notify the pilot that he has transmitted two messages that mean the same.

For example:
Requesting takoff to the East, followed by a departure request to the East.
Requesting takeoff remaining in the pattern, followed by an inbound touch and go request.
Check-in with Departure ATC followed by a flight following request.

The above are double-up, and not needed or plain wrong. Sometimes, ATCs send you ‘avoid sending duplicate messages’ hoping they get you thinking 😊


Exactly, that’s a big problem I see these days. Once you’re cleared to land, the next message you should send is “wilco”. I don’t need to know when you’re on final, upwind, crosswind, basewind or spacewind.

You should not reply “Wilco” to a landing clearance, you should read back everything including your tail number so that ATC knows which plane replied.


ATC: Frontier Flight 9202 clear to land 34R, wind 320 at 10 gusting 18.

Pilot: 34R, Clear to land, Frontier Flight 9202.


I meant exit runway, but thanks for catching me on that 👍


Pilot: “KLM 206, Request pushback.”

30 seconds later…

Pilot: “KLM 206, Request pushback.”

ATC: “KLM 206, avoid sending duplicate messages.”

You have sent two or more of the same message

In this situation, I will be Boeing 206.

Boeing 206, request pushback.
Aeroflot 127, request taxi to Runway 27R
Aeroflot 127, taxi to runway 27R.
Taxiing to Runway 27R, Aeroflot 127.
Boeing 206, request pushback.
Boeing 206, avoid sending duplicate messages.

When pilots request something on ATC. Your callsign will glow orange so they know that you have called something. Normally they will get back to you after 30 seconds - a minute. If they haven’t gotten back to you after about 2 minutes or longer, then recall. But ATC has not forgotten about you.

You also don’t need to send a message after every aircraft. Thats Duplicate messaging

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