What does Application deactivation do in live?

I noticed when I lower the brightness on my iPad, the game seems to pause, because I am climbing through 13,500 and looking back after 3 seconds to find the aircraft resumes at 13,500. So even though you cannot technically ‘pause’ in live, the aircraft seems to pause in flight, while still remaining in the game and keeping connected to the expert server . Looking back on the replay, It says “Application deactivation”. My question is: does my plane disappear in flight and then reappear in the right position Or does it lag. Because the game never corrects its pause while in live, So how does that work? Am I lagging for the rest of the flight?

Answer: Not technically I noticed this as well, you still remain in the flight because you are connected to the server. It may say pause but since the time when you went to turn your brightness down and return back to the sim is short no.

Answer 2.: If you were to close the application and rejoin after a longer amount of time then it would disconnect you from the servers showing that your plane is essentially gone. So others can no longer see it now due to the fact you disconnected from the live server.

In total though you should be fine it only states application deactivated because you “paused” when going to turn your brightness down.

Edit 1: I Forgot to add, actually no you are not behind or lagging, even though it is paused your aircraft still moves in game, may not seem like it but it does, only when you disconnect from the live servers your aircraft stops moving but since it was a quick pause to turn your brightness down you should be fine since in that short of time you never disconnected from the live servers

Yeah, After about 10 seconds the game will disconnect from the expert server. I imagine my plane disappears then reappears to other players in a different position. Last question, I’m confused on how the plane moves even though it may not feel like it. How does my attitude indicator remain the same if my plane has moved? Is the altitude indicator continuously wrong or how does it correct itself?

Thanks for your insight!

Does the altitude indicator change after, the disconnection.

Let me rephrase, when you do a quick pause to turn off your brightness does the connection still remain but the indicator doesn’t move?

When I do a quick pause the connection remains and the indicator does not move.

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Hmmm interesting, either way it would cancel out because when your climbing you will get to the same altitude eventually. But you do in fact remain control of your aircraft when paused I just flew, on the live server and hit the pause button, and could still turn the aircraft left to right and climb and descend as well.

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Yeah it’s interesting

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I would add a screen recording but the forum does not allow me to, I did find that the indicator still moves in altitude even when paused.

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Could you PM me with the recording, or will it still not allow you to?

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It still in allows as only images are available on the forum.

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