What does aircraft model number mean?

Hello, maybe answer is somewhere here but i couldnt find. My question is:

We know A319-100, A320-200, B737-800 etc, but if i look at a fleetlist, i will see A319-132, A319-112, A320-232, B737-8F2(WL) what are 32, 12, F2 etc? What do they mean? Is it about engine? Seats?Or what?


They’re designated by the airlines.

Customer codes for Boeing. Engine codes for Airbus.


If you scroll to the very bottom, it provides a table:

I assume google can help you with similar variants on different models.

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Boeing is customer codes:
747-436=747-400 to British Airways
777-224=777-200 to Continental
777-222=777-200 to United

Better Airbus code list:

Airbus codes are AAA-XYZ

X=Airplane model-100/200/300/500/600/800/900/1000
Y=Engine manufacturer
Z=Engine thrust rating


For Airbus, engine codes; for Boeing, customer codes.

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Thanks a lot everyone.

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You’re quite welcome!

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