What does a TL4 member do?

Hi I am asking what does a TL4 member.

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Trust level 4 is for Moderators. There is a level above Moderators for staff who have more administrative access to Discourse.


Also just for the record, this is not attainable by standard members. It has to be granted to you by the forum leaders 🙂


There’s a little description of each Trust Level in the badges section, which is accessible via the hamburger menu. Here’s the summary for TL4:


Os it posible for anyone to grant TL4 or does the staff determine who gets it.

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Staff determines who becomes moderators. It is not something you apply for or ask to be one.

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Ok i thought so

I just switched from TL1 to TL2. What are the advantages of TL2 over TL1?

That is covered in this post.



Thank you. I read everything. very good. How many votes do I have available when I reach TL2?

This is how many votes you have depending on your Trust Level:

Trust Level Votes
TL0 0 Votes
TL1 5 Votes
TL2 10 Votes
TL3 15 Votes

How to get votes?

To start voting you have to be TL1.

To see how many votes that you have per level please see what @Thomas_G posted above.

You are TL1 right now meaning you have 5 votes you can spend on feature requests (if you havent used any already)

As you become more active on the forum you will level up to Trust Level 2 and 3. When you hit those levels your max available votes will be changed to the numbers above.

  • If you vote on a feature and then the request is closed, you will get your votes back.
  • If you voted for something and would like to change your mind, you can remove your vote so you can vote on another items.

I have 5 votes.

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TL 4 are for the devs or moderatos of community and Infinite Flight

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