What does a CO CEO do

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Not just in the real world is the CEO not always the most qualified person as happens in the real world too.

I always find the word Co-CEO a bit of an odd title, when perhaps Chief Operating Officer ( COO) is a slightly easier and more realistic term?


COO is second in command. Co-CEO holds basically equal positions.

COO and CEO manage two entirely different things.

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Thanks, working as a senior manger in the corporate world I was not aware of that.

But what happens if two CEO’s share the job.

Then it would be Co-CEO. Having COO means they are not equal, and the other guy is better. Lol.

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Yes. The reason I choose to do it that way is because in real life there is no Co-CEO. I could have made a CFO position but there is no money system for VAs to use.

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Not related to infinite Flight.

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