What does 1+F flap setting mean?

Hey everyone! Today I had a question about what the 1+F flap setting mean? 10 degrees plus full? Thanks!

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Flaps 1 is just slats, flaps 1+F is slats and flaps.


Take a read ;).

Edit: Thanks Mr @Kevin_Potthast Didn’t know that, really dont know my Airbus haha.


I actually didn’t know that thank you!


Neither do I, just saw Captain Joe mention it in one of his videos a while back and it stuck. The IF flaps on the 320 at least 1 is really 1+F because the flaps extend too.


I’ve only seen 1 and 1+F on the A330, the A320 family just goes 1, 2, 3, full. But I’m really glad to see this get asked as I’ve been wondering for a while too.

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Yes, 1+F means flaps and slats down flaps being the back side of the wing and slats the front side for those who don’t know. When I ride jumpseat sometimes I hear our pilot call out slats and flaps 15

I think, the 32X had it in real life but not on IF, but don’t quote me on that.

That’s not on a 320 though right? I would think they would use the actual settings and not the angle.

No thats on a Falcon 50 EX

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The pilots can select flaps 1 in a real airbus cockpit, but there is no 1+F selector. This is handled by the computer. Flaps will automatically retract from 1+F to 1 once a certain speed is reached in certain aircraft, although the flap lever remains in the same position

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in a falcon 50 I know that there is a 1 and F and a 1 so you can choose when you want slats and when you want flaps

CJ_Span is correct. When you are flying a Falcon, you are able to select the 1+F setting, meaning that you can choose if you only want slats or if you want slats and flaps. In the Airbus, you are not allowed to select the 1+F setting, the computer makes the decision based on your final approach speed.

By the way, what happened to Captain Joe? I know he flew for Air Berlin and obviously got laid off, but I’m not sure if he had that many flight hours. He seemed like a First Officer to me.

Captain Joe will announce who he is flying for in a future video. I would assume one of Luftys subsidiaries or Easyjet.


He’s on a wet lease flying for Eurowings, but he is doing some exams (Pilot tests)

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