What do you wish to see in 20.2?

I would like to see More livery’s that aren’t in the game and taxi-lights.

How about you ?

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the 77w


Other than that😂

A fully reworked Boeing 777 series

yeah really no way dude

Lol anyway clouds would be cool


I would love to see clouds it would give the game a realistic aspect .

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An Air India 77W livery which has been requested many times

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Hopefully we see it soon . It’s really beautiful

They’re only releasing one variant at a time.


Clouds! (10 word limit)


The 757 and A330 to be reworked along with the Jet2 livery on both:)

The Alaska 737-700 would also be amazing. I have a feature request for it with 20 or 30 votes or something.


Woah man, one step at a time! We aren’t even half done with the 777 series yet, though I’m sure we’ll see some soft reworks/live cockpits/New GA planes/reworks coming over the rest of this year along with the 777 series, but those planes aren’t gonna get a full rework in the next update, at least not yet!

I hope they rework the cockpits on more aircraft such as the 787

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That is the purpose of #features. Also they will announce when items are ready.