What do you want Least in IF

What do you want least in Infinite Flight

  • CRJ Rework
  • A350
  • E-Jet Rework
  • Rework
  • Concorde
  • Live
  • Global
  • Other

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:p @Plane6

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What’s do you mean be rework?

I want the CRJ rework most and Live least.

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I want global the least

@Riley more general description for aircraft reworking sorry

Ok. Don’t tag me just reply to my post.

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Sorry I didn’t know you could do that thanks though

Can you make my original post not a wiki please beacause it was wrongfully flagged it’s just as viable as all the topics that say features you want most for IF.

you want global the least???

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It’s not that I don’t want it I just don’t need it and can you please make my original post not a wiki. Because I got flagged for no reason saying, “What do you want least”

This topic is useless. That’s why you got flagged.