What do you use to record videos?

Hey everyone!

If you’re recording infinite flight on your iPad, to upload a video to YouTube, then what screen recorder do you use?

And, is there a way to hide the usernames when you do a replay of the flight?

Many Thanks

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It’s quite simple to use the default iOS recorder, it can be found in the control center which can be enabled thru settings>control center.

Hide usernames and boxes both in flight or in replays by going to settings in Infinite Flight (Settings>Online>Hide Usernames/Hide Icons)


Thanks for sharing that information! Is there a way to hide the controls when you watch a replay?

As I just recorded a video, but the controls are showing (Gear, Spoilers, Flaps and Park Brakes etc…)
Is there any way to hide those controls?


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Press and hold on the replay screen to hide the controls. I use the iOS screen recorder also then save it to wherever and edit in whatever you like

Thank you!! I guess if you then hold on the replay screen again the controls reappear?


Youuuu got it!

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Can be a little tricky to work out hiding the controls and getting the replay to play when you enable screen recording but with a little tinkering you’ll get it in no time

Any idea why all the ground vehicles aren’t showing on the replay?😂

No idea. Ramp workers union might contract them for the flights but not make it mandatory that they show up for the replay? 🤷‍♂️

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haha! this one made me chuckle.

Go in the control center and tap on this button

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