What do you use the IF liveries for?

When you use the IF livery what are your intentions with them? Is it a private jet or a test plane? I use the IF livery as a private jet

I used to make real flights, for example A321 Iberia, from LEMD to LEBL, IB1630.
even so the IF livery for training

He means the actual Infinite Flight livery in Infinite Flight.


So…1) I use the infinite flight liveries if I’m not doing a real life point A to point B flight which exsist from an airline!
2) If I’m wanting to do a private flight and Infinite flight 2018 livery is very 👌😍
3) if I just feel like representing the I.F and the hard work. I fly there livery around!


Make a poll easier to understand the ratio. Private, commercial, Test, Love IF livery

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I don’t know how to make polls

Would you like me to create a poll for you???

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Yes please I very much appreciate that:)

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Sometimes I use the Infinite Flight livery to fly patten particularly when some of the IFCs open their
AtC tracking threads.

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@NathanD wants to know why you use the infinite flight livery!!

  • For private flights (private jet)
  • Testing
  • For non-realistic routes
  • Wanting to just represent infinite flight!
  • For pattern working!

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Thank you so much I greatly appreciate your kind gesture

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Trolling on Casual server


I just found something new on this plane that I never noticed before

Does anyone have any information about it? I’d be glad to know:)

Joe Sutter designed the 747


The man the Legend who designed the 747 Joe Sutter. Rest In Peace!

Here some information

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I usually fly the IF livery into airports that don’t have many routes that satisfy me in terms on flight time, for example a long haul into Athens on a FNF, Athens doesn’t have many RL long haul flights into it so i would use the 737 BBJ for a 10 hour flight. In short, unrealistic routes.

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