What do you use inflight entertainment for?

  • English movies
  • Foreign movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music/CD
  • Games
  • Moving map/outside temp°
  • Outside camera
  • Read magazine
  • Onboard Telephone
  • ——Use my own gadgets
  • ——Enjoy outside scenery
  • ——Sleep
  • ——Gossip
  • ——Stretch legs/chat with crew

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Watching big bang theory, sponge-bob or playing bejewelled, Tetris!! comment your favourite thing.

I love the outside camera (in A350, 777-300 and A380) but when there is no screen or it is night. I watch movies in French (I’m French) or in English

Lol! Same selection.

Never have had a in flight screen

Only on volaris they just have one channel running and it is hanging against the roof

I hate it when after takeoff the FA’s ask us to close the windows. I just wanna enjoy the scenery guys! Then I only have the outside map.


Safety comes first ALWAYS

Battleship! Best game to play on IFE
Also great to watch movies. On my recent trip to NZ I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and Creed II, both were great movies.

Honestly, the last time I flew to New York (8h flight) and LA (12h flight) I didn’t watch a single movie. The only thing I had on the IFE was the “airshow” (moving map, and details of the flight).

Of course I used my personal device. I listens to music, did some writing but I really enjoy just looking out of the window and watching the flight details.


Yea the Qatar IFE is amazing I use it for absolutely everything

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Yeah, if the sun shines same side:)

Delta IFE is fun, when I challenge everyone (Random People) to a minigame of golf who will accept it.

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On international United flights, I actually tune in to the ATC system of the aircraft , (It is a feature, I am not doing anything wrong). I listen the full take-off and approach, and the rest of the time, I listen to music or watch movies, or sleep.

Ughh. Too many Rocky movies.

I have done the same. And met the person I challenged. We have been friends ever since.

Typically to entertain myself in flight… But I digress.

I usually use it for music. Films are cool and all, but my attention span isn’t great so I just plug in some headphones and away we go.

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For the Cathay 773ER it’s kinda boring it’s just under the belly wish it was like above like the a380

I have actually uploaded videos onto my phone from the screen. (Yes, you can actually do that on some select airlines) I ended up recording half of the flight and editing a little video on it. It was a few years a go and I forgot what airline and aircraft it was.

In my opinion, the Emirates IFE is the most entertaining. You never run out of stuff to do

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