What do you use for Infinite Flight?

What devices do you guys use for Infinite flight?
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I use an iPad Pro 9.7 inch (64GB) and an Iphone11 (64GB)

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I use the IPhone 12 128gb (Product Red)

iPhone 11 128 gb purple

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One plus 6t

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iPad 9.7” 2018 model

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I used to use my iPhone XR, but I recently received my iPad 8th generation

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iPad Air 3rd generation

iPad is the way to go. Personally, I always use my iPad Pro 11in

2020 iPad Pro 11

Nokia 3210, runs like a dream.


welp i use bluestacks emulator on my pc xD

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Welcome back to the community!

I use the 9.7 inch new model, it’s a 2017 iPad but it’s really smooth!

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Once I get IF again, I think I’ll use my old Nokia 8, which is not that new but specs are quite decent. Hope it won’t catch fire. If that doesn’t work then I’ll use my dads old iPhone SE.

I use both an iPad Air 2019 (64GB, Space Grey) and an iPhone 12 (64GB, Blue). When it comes to mobile sims, Apple is definitely the way to go.

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iPad Pro 11" 2020 (128GB)

Do y’all use Touch ID iPad or a Face ID iPad? Just curious lol

  • Face ID ipad
  • Touch ID iPad

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