What do you use for flight planning?

I’m looking for a good website to create my flight plans that real life planes take. What flight planning websites use?

I use FlightAware.com. It has the flight plan and you can just copy and paste it.


www.flightaware.com and www.simbrief.com

SimBrief gives you fuel calculations, what alt to cruise at, etc, but if you are looking to mirror the real life flight plan use flightaware. Both of them are big helps for me.

I use FlightAware. Its great for flight times, routes, etc. SimBrief is a bit too complicated IMO.

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FlightAware only has flight plans for aircraft arriving/departing/transiting the US, so as you are from Australia it might not be as relevant to you. Most people including myself recommend Simbrief as they provide fully in depth OFPs, including getting worldwide realistic flight plans, fuel and all other data.

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As @GolferRyan said, flightaware is the way to go for flight plans. I use http://onlineflightplanner.org for fuel levels required and seat guru to find out how much pax I need for flights.

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Nah it works fine for Aussie flights, I use flightaware for all my flights, including within Australia.

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Yea cause the waypoints are bit messed up in Australia especially Perth.

I use the app VirtualHub, in that app you see rougly how much fuel you need and you can easily copy your flightplan.

I personally use www.foreflight.com it is a paid subscription and you need the top subscription to get the advanced route planning but ForeFlight will show you step climbs, winds at every 2 thousand feet, and fuel remaining at each leg. You can also get a briefing on ForeFlight for any of your flights. Also ForeFlight has IF integrated into it which is extremely nice and useful.
When I’m not using ForeFlight I use https://www.fltplan.com . It is used by many real life pilots and very easy once you learn how to navigate it.

I use FlightAware and SimBrief together, unless I’m feeling lazy. Then I just use VirtualHub.

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Thanks guys, I’m asking what websites I should use cause some website don’t get waypoints right because of IF. I need a website that has the correct waypoints for IF, but I’ll try all of your guys suggestions thanks. :)

You could always use this nifty tutorial for missing waypoints!

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Simbrief all the way. It gives me accurate block times while at the same time staying very realistic.

I use simbrief. Its complicated but once you understand it it takes very little time to create even a complex flightplan.

I use flightaware to gather IRL flight information, then simbrief to calculate my fuel.

I think is the best site for flight plans

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