What do you think?

What do you think of this picture and if someone can explain how is this possible.


Maybe it was damaged during an out going flight from Spain and it’s being flown back for repairs?

I believe this really happened. That must have been a very very odd sight for the spotter!


I think it could be that because the wonglet is not that critical.

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For sure is very odd is the first time i found something like this.

That A340 looks really old like a B747-200 without that winglet!

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I once saw a Copa Airlines 737 in St. Maarten. One side was missing a schimtar. Too bad I couldn’t get a picture, as it was taking off and I was in my rental (on the road next to the runway).


Planes can fly missing one of their winglets. There are plenty of results for 747-400s out there (NOT the domestic variant) flying without 1 winglet

I think is photoshopped 🤔

I have to see that plane 😦😦 I think that the winglets for copa planes are installed in costa rica i guess…

Too bad I couldn’t get the registration.

Don’t worry, I’ll see it in the tocumen airport one day

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EC-JPU is that what your looking for?

Unless they added the other schimtar.

Not sure. I couldn’t see the registration.

I saw it…

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Actually the panamanian plane registration is HP. The registration form is: HP-(4 digit code)-(airline ICAO code) if is a commercial plane if is private just the first 2 parts of the already mentioned form.

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I think

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Did you see my post lol?

I didn’t get the notification for the reply.