What do you think will happen with the a330 (not a request)

Hey yall, was just curious. Do you guys think when they redo the a330 they’ll do both variations (split up into two updates ofc but like the 777-200 and the 77-300er and lr , then move on to adding the next new aircraft or whatever else we may vote on. OR do you think it will just be the -300, then we have to vote to see if we want the -200 added THEN move on to something else, Or do you think they’ll just never do a -200. whats your thoughts :))

From what we currently know, they’re only working on the -300. It’s best to keep an eye on the thread below since IF is always full of surprises. But for now, only the -300.

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haha i understand, im saying just like the 777-200 they worked on them bit by bit, but in succession. do you think after this current stage (300) is completed theyll announce like an option for them to add a 200 or focus on i think the a220 which other ppl wanted.

I have no clue. I can only hope they add the -200 or rework a military/regional plane since I don’t really want a plane added until we have all planes reworked. Just my opinion though.

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same :) unless its a 767-200 which is sorta like a a330 200 in a way, slight modification. or maybe a a300 series type too. hope we can finish off the airbus widebodies but yeah, i think the c17, and the 747s are in dire need of love

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A380: am I a joke to you

Well, there has been no official news on whether the A332 will come, but since IF is full of surprises you should keep an eye on the tracking thread.


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