What do you think when on final?

“Ummmmmmm, No Go around,
Great now I am to high
I am not going to crash”

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aw thats only on bad days…like today were I had to go around twice.

When theres someone holding short all i think is damn imma butter this rwy but he will witness my gears dying from his screen :/ (he will see me slam)

This time, I gonna do this with my eyes open!


Hoping that guy dosen’t line up/takeoff… I hate go arounds!

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Cool mate. Have a nice day.

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I see my life flash before my eyes…

depends on who the other user is holding short. If its a developer i try to make a smooth as possible landing, (to show of course lol ) but any other user not including IFATC members) i wonder will they hold SHORT of the runway. Most do and actually iv never had to complain other pilots on the expert server (via the form PM to a moderator) in a long time. interesting post @flybarroso. I love reflecting on my virtual travels.

safe flying


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You can always go around😂

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or as my uncle says if it doesn’t look good it most likely isn’t. he’s a 737 type rating instructor plus line check capt for a major EU airline on the 737NG. love that song BTW.


Dude behind me better slowdown

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sorry i dont get you? are you currently flying? or this a past experience you had?

Earlier I couldn’t give inputs
My thoughts were
VA CEO must be lookin at me like wtf
Exit time
Oops wrong button

Y’all be thinking lots of stuff, most of them funny!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Smells something oh crap I think my dinners burning

10nm out: I’m not going around.

5nm out: I’m NOT going around.


ATC message 30 seconds later: “Zhopkins going around”

I think about how when to flare so I can butter

So relatable.

Did I calibrate?
2nm later…
Oh crap did I calibrate?
calibrates again
moves a bit
Gotta calibrate again

And I repeat that process a few more times


All my thought: centerline, centerline, maintain centerline

crosswinds in the heavens waiting: nOt ToDaY

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