What do you think when on final?

I’ve been wondering, what do y’all think when you’re on short final and there is at least one user holding short?
I only think in landing with style and flaring like a biker.


I pray that some incompetent pilot doesn’t cause a runway incursion and force me to go-around.

Just kidding. I try to do my best, as always. 🙂


Oh no…

Too low…

Way off centerline…

This better be good, hope I don’t stall again…

Pull up pull up wayyyy too low

Gosh now I’m too high

Omg there’s @DeerCrusher holding short watching my landing how he’s going to clown me

Ok let’s get’er down

And flare… way too early as usual now it’s a floater, past the touchdown zone

Slow down slow down… pull up… wait no now I’m stalling again

Smackdown, -400 FPM


I don’t think


I just think get to ground with out killing anybody and hope to land on the ground not on the terminal.

Don’t asked I’ve done it before.


Well on my last landing ATC asked me to go faster when 1nm from the runway, so there I am, going 150 it’s on a 738 with a line of 6 planes waiting, and I flare too much and then, BOOM, -700 fpm. That final nm all I thought is: why didn’t the approach controller space the plane behind me as he did with me?

I usually say
let’s show them some butter and then end up floating and slamming it down on the other end of the runway


“I hope nobody’s watching me”


“Finally on Final hopefully no people is taking off when I’m 5nm Away”

I think the same whether or not there is anyone holding short:
“You know why you so often mess things up, do you? Don’t do it again then, ok?”
And then, in most cases:
“You have done it again, you never learn…”

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To be honnest, when holding short, few pilots care what we are doing, no worries! 😉

Now this is true especially when ppl watchig

All I’m gonna say is hopefully the cabin crew and passengers are in there seats nice and tucked …

🤣😂🤣😂🤣 That’s a good sequence @RTG113 leading to a disappointing outcome. I can so relate to that!!
My thoughts are focusing on the speed & alt & keeping it centerline to land in the main landing spot.
I can always g/a if the holding plane somehow decided to enter the runway, as it happened to me a few times on ES

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“Don’t crash, go slow, doesn’t have to be nice just get it on the ground I really don’t want to go around…” is what is going thru my mind on final every time


Ohh no what if something goes wrong.

That they don’t recklessly enter the runway. I couldn’t care less about what they think of my landing, half the time desync makes greases look like smackdowns anyways.


Calibrate. Calibrate, Calibrate. Calibrate, Calibrate. Calibrate,Calibrate. Calibrate,


Not killing anybody is a definite positive thing about Infinite Flight!

But really, its not easy on a small screen… I have a Private Pilot License and about 150 hours (it’s many years ago), and in all that time of real flying I never once had anything like the hairy moments I’ve had in a few weeks with IF! I never got anywhere near a stall unintentionally or didn’t make it onto a runway safely… Theres far more control and a better visual awareness in real light aircraft than you can get on a mobile sim.

So we shouldn’t feel too bad about some aero craziness sometimes.

“I really don’t want to go around…” Not the right thing to be thinking! 😉