What do YOU think the second GA plane will be based on what we already have in game?

I am making this thread to see what plane yall think we might be getting as the second ga plane for this year that we know about based on the aircraft already in game and the Piper X Cob that is coming. Keep in kind, it’s not a rework, it’s a entirely new plane. I’m hoping for a twin prop ga plane, on a smaller scale such as 6-2 seats.

Honestly this is quite unnecessary We already know three things: A350-900, XCub, and a 777 rework.

You must have created this thread to ask the community what the third aircraft the devs will release, and if you think about it, the 777 rework compensates for that third developing aircraft. And furthermore, the staff have not talked about creating a new aircraft anytime soon.

The thread is too early to exist

No, they mentioned the order on one of the livestreams, Xcub, A350, then mystery GA, then 777.


Adding on to what @Claudio
We already know the 3 planes. They’ve stated above A350. Xcub. 777 Rework. Those are the 3 planes for this year and early into next year. As they’ve set a new standard thus taking them more time to build planes. there is no new GA plane coming out this year. The only “New” GA plane is the XCub.

Then don’t expect it this year, probably late next year.

More information will be released when the #announcements is made. So stay tuned for that.

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They announced ed on accident, specifically Laura, that they have a second ga pla e in the works for this year. That’s what I’m asking yall about.


Yeah, I definitely read somewhere that the developers let the news slip about a second GA plane. I’m really hoping it’s a private jet, since we really only have the CCX which is pretty old. However, I’m not 100% sure that there is a second GA plane coming.


I think that the new plane will be a PC12. Laura was talking about this a year back or so. She would love it in the simulator


Piper PA-28 (I think the concept of this thread flew over a few people’s heads).

The PA28 would be a great addition to the GA family as it is a common aircraft that many real world pilots fly (myself included).


I fly the PA28 irl also. Such a nice aircraft

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ikr, it’s also got an amazing range of over 500nm on a full tank.

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If could choose I’d love to see a rework of the C208 or the F/A 18 as the next non-commercial plane.

But who says that there is another GA plane coming? As far as we know there are only three new planes in the pipeline. Of course, the devs surprised us before as well, so we never know. But so far there’s no information yet. Let’s wait and see 😊


I’m thinking of the DR 400, a French aeroclub’s legend. Laura said on a podcast that she flew it already. It fits right between the Xcub and the TBM as a perfect VFR plane (it’s really something that the GA community wants).

Here are some pictures :

It comes with two cockpits too!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like a bizz jet though.


It’s confirmed that it’s a GA plane.

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With working instruments, she could be our new IFR type rating 😂

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Laura said on a livestream that there will be another GA plane. We know about the XCub, A350, B777 and the “secret” GA plane. I hope it will be the Cessna 208 Caravan, that is pretty old.

It’s an entirely new plane, not a rework. So the 208 wont be it.

Maybe that’s just what they want us to think…

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Oh of course, makes sense :)