What do you think the Iran Air tail logo represents?

What do you think it is supposed to be?


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Looks like a horse to me

Hi,nice that you have a guy from Iran around tourself,coming handy at this question 😄 we have them in Perspolis, an old city in Shiraz that King Kourosh built it,it represents to one of the statues at thereimage


Looks sort of similar. Supposedly, it is some kind of Persian Sphinx, but I am not exactly sure.

I literally posted a link from the Airline’s website telling you what it was… lol

Sure no problems,just want to say that it is better to ask from someone who IS at Iran 😊

After the Iran National Airline was registered as a national company, it officially started under the acronym “HOMA,” made by combining initial letters of the Persian phrase. For both brevity and clarity, Iran National Airline changed to IranAir. To choose the logo, a logo competition announcement appeared in Kayhan and Ettelaat newspapers in 1961. Judges came from the College of Fine Arts. Inspired by an image atop one of the columns at Persepolis, a young Iranian’s sketched the competition’s winning image. Edward Zohrabian was only 22 when he drew the well enduring logo of the Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran by drawing upon a series of ancient Iranian motifs. His most significant inspiration was Homa, the Persian mythological griffin, which can be found in prosperous Persepolis and described in the books of R. Grishman, the famous French archeologist who specialized in ancient Iran. The griffin atop the Persepolis column has three distinct characteristics: an eagle’s head, a cow’s ears and a horse’s mane. Without legs, according to some accounts, the griffin never rests, living its entire life flying invisibly high above the earth, and never alighting on the ground. The color offered by the designer was turquoise.

Translated from Wikipedia (probably same to your link 😁)


سلام (hello in Farsi [Persian]

سلام :-) (hi,in the answer!)