What do you think of version 19.1?

Hello, a quick question.

What did you think of version 19.1?

I personally appreciate it very much, and thanks again to the dvs.I can’t wait for the version 19.2 🙂


19.1 was a good update, but who knows what the other versions will bring


19.1 was pretty good, waiting for 19.2, looking for future updates!

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For the moment I’m not much and we have to wait for him to arrive later in the year, etc.?😉

Ehhhh it’s alright but I could’ve been even better without the bugs at the first try of it like the A330 free camera when it had those white lines.

Hello, what kind of phone do you use (personal month I use the Samsung Galaxy S9+)

Good coming back on the subject.

Did you report it to the dvs for the white trace?

I have an iPhone6+ and no I didn’t report it to the devs I just waited for the HOTFIX to come out

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Okay, I understand very well now.😉🙂😉

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19.1 had some pretty important features that were a must to keep some stuff more professional such as the gate restrictions. They’ve also made the violation and their notifications bigger so you notice them more easily and correct your error before you get a violation which is helpful. The A330 facelift was an absolute success and I personally love it and give the A330 some attention now. Last the live replay has given me the opportunity to take some breathtaking pictures and is just fun to use. Overall 19.1 provided some important but needed features as well has some really cool features like live replay. We’ll have to see what 19.2 will bring!


Hello yes indeed I acknowledge that version 19.1 is very good that they have made the DVS.

I can’t wait for version 19.2.

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