What do you think of this?

This text below is copy and pasted from one of my chats from the moderators, it might sound really cringey because I wanted them to allow it.

Hey members of IF community

I’m here with a idea I had recently which I would love to start, but before I put dedication into this, I need to know if I have a market (business lessons are finally helping). Remember, this post is just a draft of what to come, anything I say is likely to change so don’t make a decision too quickly.

My idea?

Imagine you just took a amazing picture, spotting, or just on infinite flight, and you want a way to view that image, not have it stuck on your small iPad screen - introducing ICMF.

ICMF is a quick name I just came up with for my ‘business’ it currently stands for

Here’s the base of the idea-
My family happen to have access to a basically industrial size printer, it can print anything (trust me) so that gave me the idea, why not try make a bit of profit?

Anything you wanted (specifically IF/Aviation related) can be created and sold to you. I’d like to say I specialize in photos/ canvas etc, but my dad is also a carpenter (hoorayy) so if any of you Aviation Geeks want a unit/table with a favorite plane/airline logo, send us a message when we have the website up and going.

You may ask, what makes me (a 15 nearly 16 year old kid) better than anyone else? Low prices, I don’t want to be like those big business printing services, who charge ridicules prices for the smallest of effort, I want to be the kind of business man who makes little money, but has the satisfaction of creating wonderful pictures. I’m sure I’ll only make at most £10 profit on most items.

Thank you all for reading this, bookmark this topic/keep a eye out for the website link.

Note - I’m sure most of these things are likely to change, definitely the name, if you have any suggestions, reply below.
Edit - If the demand is high, the first product purchased from our website will be 50% off. First customer gets the deal ;)

This is a work in progress, before putting the hard work in creating websites and ordering paper I would love to know if there is a demand :)

note - Can someone smart make a poll saying


I’ll think about it

Sorry but no

This is a bad Idea

  • Yes
  • I’ll think about it
  • Sorry but no
  • This is a bad idea

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well, I can rely on the forum for anything, I didn’t mean literally with those exact words, but no problem at all. Thanks

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Could I get some verbal feedback please

So for example you will be making logos and pictures of aircraft on a canvas for us to buy? (How much would it roughly cost)

Depends on the size/quality of canvas. Any picture basically, I just needed a reason to put this on the forum :)

I’ll get back to you

I get where your going with this. I’m sure some people will buy it, but I also know lots wont. Also, I don’t know if you will run into copyright with companies because you are making profit off of their logo’s.

These are early stages.

And yes, I agree a lot of people won’t, but I imagine for some of the hardcore users (I can name a few) might want a nice photo professionally printed to their needs. Maybe a dash 8 crosswind landing 😉😉

I see no problem with you giving it a shot. I hate to be a downer, but don’t expect to make much profit (if any at all). I know you say you don’t care about profit, but don’t get your hopes up just to be disappointed. But i wish you good luck!

I guess it could be successful. I’m not interested in it, but there may be a market. But as RedCatcher said, you’ll have to watch yourself very closely-if you print a British Airways logo right now, they probably wouldn’t notice. But if you’re making a decent profit out of this, then expect a cease and desist letter.

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In the UK there are lots of inexpensive website where you can get anything printed on to a canvas so I agree you won’t make much more you of it unless people are loyal enough to use you over these companies

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If you are interested in doing it though there is no harm in doing it as long as you aren’t making a loss

Well this seems interesting. I’ve bumped it as well as not many people have seen it.