What do you think of adding this information in infinite flight?

** Touchdown Rate **
What is this and what serveria?
Touchdown Rate as it says is the Landing Rate, which would be the evaluation to know if your landing was smooth or not by the percentage of force to the touch measured in ft / min.

** Flight Assessment **
The evaluation would consist of the smoothness of the flight taking into account the weather, sudden movements or not and etc. The evaluation would be in percentage …

Soon I will bring new ideas !! Stay tuned in the post edition !!

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You better put the title in carioca English


So you are asking us if we would want this?

I’m wondering what do your think it …

Uh, you can already see your VS wich is pretty much what landing rate is, the second looks interesting though…

I can tell you both of those have already been requested in some form.

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The third party application Infinite Passengers evaluates your flight from a passenger’s viewpoint and gives feedback on your pilot skills.

Relating to what @Naro said, you are able to view you’re landing rate on Live Flight Connect if you’re able to get that.

But when I and most of the people I know, fly with the IF passengers open it closes the IF …

Did you allow notifications for Infinite Passengers?

If you’re experiencing problems, open a ticket at https://ifpax.freshdesk.com/

I do not use. Well, very bugs in my cell phone,the infinite passengers .

This could be evaluated to gauge how much XP you earn. I.e a smooth landing should give more xp than a rough one

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Could you change the tittle to something a little less vague?

Yes, great ideia !!!

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You Have Suggestions ???

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Vertical landing speed indicator in Infinte flight?

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I don’t like the focus on “greasers” or landing competitions and so on as I think it puts too much emphasis on hitting a number rather than making sure the landing is safe. While it’s human nature to always want to excel and achieve perfection, pilots don’t consume themselves trying to land with a vertical speed of 10, 50, 100fpm, etc. The VSI lags behind what the aircraft is actually doing anyway.

The landing needs to be safe. There’s no point floating halfway down the runway only to run off at the end. Get it down in the touchdown zone, without slamming it down. Keep in mind that generally speaking a hard landing is classified as 800fpm.

I’d say a hard landing is anything above 400fpm

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