What do you think is the future of Infinite Flight?

Hey All!

I thought this would be an interesting topic to discuss and have fun with. This is in no way designed to request any features and put pressure on the developers as they have done a great job with the new update.

Thanks and let me know if this forum needs correcting with any problems!

Thanks and happy flying!


I am hoping for 3d buildings and reworks of remaining aircrafts


Yeah! That would be cool…

Maybe even an all live cockpit database :)

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This is what I think in the next 5 to 10 years:

  • Rain
  • Clouds
  • All aircraft have a live cockpit
  • The old water texture is back
  • The AR family is added
  • The 757, 330 & 747 are reworked
  • 3D buildings are in the works

Just be aware this may be closed. All sorts of speculation might occur and this is technically the purpose of the #features category as it pertains to specific features/wants.


That would add a lot of realism!

Yes I am aware as I saw a lot of topics such as this one get closed… I just thought it would be interesting to see peoples ideas and even share some of mine. Im fine if this topic gets closed and thank you for letting me now in advance! :D

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I’m hoping for clouds and better airport lighting that would make night flying more feasible.

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Night lighting would help a lot when taxiing during the night. Great idea (:

I totally agree on that!

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That’s also another great concept 👍

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Yeah same…

Hopefully the A220 :)

@Planeviation I heard that phones are getting more powerful just like PCs so there is a possibility of these ideas coming to Infinite Flight.

Yes! It Is a Wonderfull aircraft with state of the art technology… Amazing idea!

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That’s another thing i also want too

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Especially because XPlane and Aerofly are showing that it is possible at least to a certain extent

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Yeah absolutely! and with tthe addition of Project Metal coming later these ideas/features may/will be possible.

@Maximilian1805, @Planeviation You both have many great ideas and when Project Metal is finished, this game will be just like Aerofly and

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