What Do You Think I Should Join?

I got to start working toward this early… What do you think I should join, and what are your reasons.
(Obviously for both working with aviation hopefully pilot) I think this job suits me because I am very Patrioc and want to serve my country, but I LOVE aviation. Remember comment your reasons!! :)[poll public=true]

  • Join USAF…
  • Join US Navy…
    Happy Flying, and Thank You!

I’m not Murican so I just voted what I felt was cool

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Please comment your reasonings

Hahah the navy has a large portion of aviation and my gr.grandpa was in the navy WWII

The Air Force would be good because it’s all about the air.


Not ALL actually

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This is examples of what the navy would do

Then about 90%.

US Navy

you get too work on a carrier


you get too see jets

fair game

@leQuestions s navy you get to see jets to lol

What ever you do, don’t work on a carrier.

Your not gonna have fun sweeping the deck and having a chance to die at sea

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Join the Marines, they have all the aircrafts you would ever want to work with, and when you get out and want a job. Employers will pick a Marine over other services members.

the navy is wayyy better. The Air Force is corrupt. They want to replace the a-10 with the f-35. They are wrong on sooo many levels.


If you like aviation and defend your country from the enemies in the air…join the air force or Navy! You’re lucky my country doesn’t have an Air Force… :/

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Haha it’s not all that

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but overall,

join the navy.

Yes exactly and the navy isn’t just fighting they also are search and rescue

For the USAF you have to have bachelors degree before you are qualified to start the Pilot program.

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I believe the best of both would be the Air Force as they care more about their pilots and offer more interesting missions. And aircraf. But to be honest, the navy isn’t bad either. I personally would go with who pays the most. It isn’t a easy choice as both are very similar.

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